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  • As for ZIPHOO, We are a zipper factory that has been around for more than 20 years. We have been doing business with companies around the world for a long time. We are committed to growing our clients' business by providing high-end zippers and bringing their products to the next level. We partnered with an Italian apparel company, FASTEN Italian for many years, and their successful business has proven this.

    In 2004, Our company moved our production line to a large-scale factory, where it was able to develop a wide range of zipper products and many more departments have also been added to cope with different product lines. At the end of the year 2004, We proudly developed a partnership with an Italian zipper producer who specialised in mattresses, clothing and footwear since 1992. Thanks to the partnership, has become the official zipper supplier of many European and US brands. Our company is also certified by OEKO-TEX100. it has boosted our business and brought our company to the next level. Huaguan zipper Co., Ltd has become a nominated supplier for many world well-known companies such as ZARA, O’Neil, H&M, Walmart, Decathlon, OVS, Lotto etc.

    In 2006, ZIPHOO has come to life. HOO stands for Head On Outfit. It has quickly spread and developed in China and the Asian market since 2008. We have sent our team and engineers to Europe for training. We are committed to bringing high-quality standards to every product we make here at ZIPHOO .

    In 2013, We proudly opened a brand new factory, which is located in the heart of Quzhou city, a modern and urban area served by an airport and high-speed train, which assures efficient transportation for deliveries, and materials from abroad.

    • this is a picture of our factory cooperating with an Italian business partner, is located in Croatia
  • Timeline of enterprise development

    •2003.11.18 Zhejiang Huaguan zipper Co., Ltd Established in 2003; “HOO” trademark application was successfully submitted.

    •2004.7.28 Huaguan zipper Co., Ltd moved from a 300 square meters workshop to a large scale factory. HOO trademark is approved. company is successfully certified by OKEO-TEX 100.

    •2009.9.23 The company made a determination of concentrating on one product only - zipper.at the same time, Our factory expand to 3000 square meters.

    •2013.8.13 Our company kept expand our factory and it covers more than 22000 square meters.

    •2017.8.31 The company set out the grand goal of making a good zipper.

    •2019.11.20 The company put forward the concept of one zipper for a lifetime, enjoy a happy life.

  • Important events in the history of enterprise development

    •Year 2003, Zhejiang Huaguan zipper Co., Ltd only focused on Nylon zippers.

    •Year 2008, Huaguan added two resin zipper production lines.

    •Year 2012, 4 more metal Y teeth zipper production lines added to our factory.

    •Year 2013, Has approved metal zipper chemical oxidation process.

    •Year 2017, Zhejiang Huaguan zipper Co., Ltd is approved to produce zipper tape and code dyeing.

    •Year 2020, our company is approved to die casting zipper head and surface colouring production and processing procedures.

    ZIPHOO , as a zipper company, is committed to delivering the best services and products to all sports companies around the world. At ZIPHOO , Our aim is to growing your business.We are glad to help all our clients find their customers, and we are able to.

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